Buster, my FIP Slayer

FIP is no longer fatal

  • Until March 2019 Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) was considered to be a 100% fatal viral disease. In a clinical trial carried out by Dr. Niels Pedersen at UC Davis, an anti-viral medication known as GS-441524 ( GS for short) was tested on 31 cats with naturally occurring FIP. Of the 31 cats that participated in the study, 26 were cured with one or more 84-day courses of GS injection and most are still alive and healthy today. You can read the journal article here. Further detailed information about FIP and FIP research can be found on the Sockfip website.
  • The GS used in the study was provided by the inventing company, Gilead Sciences. After completion of the study, Gilead decided not to grant licensing rights to UC Davis (or anyone else) to allow FDA approval and commercialization for FIP (or any other human or animal disease). This may be due to the fact that GS-441524 is closely related to GS-5734 (aka Remdesivir). See this link for more discussion on the relationship between GS-441524 and Remdesivir.
  • In the meantime, companies in China copied GS-441524. This allowed cat owners in China to start curing their own cats from FIP. Also in 2019, these Chinese GS-based products found their way into USA. Various Facebook groups (such as FIP Warriors and numerous others) started organizing and facilitating GS use in USA and other countries.
  • In March 2019, I found out that my Maine Coon cat, Buster had dry FIP but it wasn’t until August 2019 that I was able to obtain Chinese-sourced GS and start treating Buster. I finished Buster’s treatment in October 2019 and by all measurable accounts he is now fully cured.
  • In the process of treating Buster, I became very knowledgeable about FIP and the treatment process. Although not a Vet, I am a PhD research scientist in another field and used my skills as a researcher to learn as much as possible. I built this website as an information resource for other that find themselves with and FIP cat.
  • Facebook Groups: Much of the online discussion about FIP treatment and medication sourcing takes place in various Facebook Groups and Messenger Chat. Please refer to the Facebook Groups Page to find one that covers your location.
  • Please take a look at the other pages on this site. These include: a Treatment Tutorial page that may help you understand the treatment process, a calculator page with calculators to determine the correct GS dose and total amount of GS needed to complete the treatment, a page that explains which blood test markers are used to help diagnose FIP and to track your treatment progress, and a GS Brands page where I discuss what I know about some of the various “brands” of FIP medication being sourced out of China.