Facebook groups

The best way to get information on treating your cat for FIP, is through one of several Facebooks Groups. Due to various sensitivities and “terms of use” issues, almost all of the real discussion takes place through private chat on Messenger. Depending on your location, select one the following recommended Facebook groups within my network:

Northern California and especially the San Francisco Bay Area: NorCal FIP Slayers. This group is primarily for folks in the SF Bay Area (NorCal)

Southern California and other Western States including Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, etc. : Fip Fighters California and Western States Chapter

Eastern and Midwest USA: FIP Underground: Southeastern Chapter

Email: If you are not on Facebook or would rather contact me by email, use the email icon at the bottom of any page on this site. The email address is mark@fipslayer.com

Other Facebook Groups

There are various other Facebook Groups that you may or may not find useful. I mention them here out of courtesy and because saving your cat is the only thing that matters. If one of these groups can help you save your cat, then I am glad I was able to help you find them.

Hong Kong Group: Run by our good friends in Hong Kong.

FIP Warriors: This group does still exist although Facebook killed them at least twice. They have an extensive emergency medication network that can help locate treatment from other parents in your area. This group supports various brands but you will have to ask them what brands they currently support.

FIP Cats Treatment with Spark/Aura : This is a Facebook group for people using or interested in the various Spark injection and oral (pill) products

Canada Group: This the only group I know about in Canada. It has gone through a number of name changes. At this point, I don’t know if it is a Warriors groups or a Fighter (Mutian) group.

Russian Group: Probably your best bet if you are in Russia

German Group: If you are in or near Germany, this is where you can get help for your cat: German Warriors FB group and website

FIP Fighters: This large group was at one time very “anti-GS” because of its non-FDA-Approved status. Sometime in 2019, they morphed into a group that only supported Mutian. The group disappeared for a while and reappeared again in 2020. My understanding is that they still only support Mutian brand.