Kitty Tortilla

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If you want to make a Kitty Burrito, you obviously need a Kitty Tortilla. We came up with this Velcro closing version as a mean to help us treat Buster. Some cats take their shots very well without being wrapped but others seem to do better if you wrap them.

We used a Velcro closure kitty tortilla to wrap up Buster during his GS shots. We have refined the design quite a bit an Cecelia makes each one now custom to your cat’s size.
Buster is not impressed
Wrapping starts by placing your cat on the open tortilla with front legs folded back
Wrap one side over
Wrap the other side over and the Velcro hold it closed and tight leaving you hand more free to give the shot
Wrap so that one of the two zipper openings ends up where you want today’s shot
Extra straps can be added to prevent kitty from lurching out the front